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12MP: Significant Tech Automation Gaps Revealed (Part 1)

By Charles F Moreira, Editor The 532-page 12th Malaysia Plan (2021 – 2025) tabled in parliament on 27 September 2021 by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, aims to develop a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable Malaysia. The three themes of the Twelfth Plan are resetting the economy; strengthening security, wellbeing and inclusivity; and advancing […]


Where the Indian economy stands, 18 months into the pandemic

The Covid-19 outbreak and stringent lockdowns over the last 18 months made the Indian economy?contract for the first time?in more than 40 years. But despite a devastating second wave in April, the economy has since shown signs of improvement,… To read more: https://qz.com/india/2058696/the-state-of-indias-economy-18-months-into-the-pandemic/ ? SOURCE: QUARTZ INDIA (2)


Sirius TV Partners with SES to Broadcast TV Channels across Malaysia

Sirius TV, a brand of Smart Digital International Sdn Bhd – the 2nd DTH (Direct-to-Home) operator in Malaysia – has signed a multi-year contract with SES, the leading global content connectivity solutions provider, to deliver a new bouquet of satellite TV channels across Malaysia. The Sirius Basic subscription package launched last Friday with 13 initial […]


The Evergrande Group’s Debt Issues Could Be A Drag On China’s Economy

The one-bedroom apartment was to be Penelope Wu’s retirement home, an escape from the bustle of Shanghai — or, at least, that’s how Evergrande, the Chinese property developer, painted it. To jump in line ahead of hundreds of other prospective homebuyers, Wu paid the sticker price of about $200,000 in full last year, before construction […]


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